G series geared motor
The G series geared motor is a hardened geared motor with compact structure, sturdiness and stability; thanks to the modular design, it can be combined into a variety of product forms, the installation and combination are more convenient, and the transmission ratio spectrum is also very wide. It has good applications in all walks of life.
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J series servo reducer
The J series servo reducer is a special reducer for servo control, which is energy-saving, silent and high-precision. Based on the modular multi-combination, it controls the backlash of the product and meets the requirements of the intelligent development of industrial drives.
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W series gear reducer
The W series gear reducer is a hardened gear reducer. It is divided into two branches, WX and WB, which can completely replace the X series and B series of cycloid reducers. W series gear reducer has higher efficiency, more reliable transmission and longer life.
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L series industrial gearbox
L series industrial gearboxes are divided into two series, LH and LB. Optimized design on the basis of traditional HB industrial gearbox, full installation, stronger gears, richer components; compatible with the installation dimensions of most industrial gearboxes on the market, easy to replace and maintain.
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Gearbox for high-speed sawing machine
Model: G70-003
Application: High-speed sawing equipment
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Special geared motor for incense making machine
Application: Incense Making Machinery
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Special gearbox for steel bending
Model: P 30/36/42/52
Application: Rebar bending machinery
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4-speed gearbox
Model: D-743A
Application: Plant protection machinery
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Double shaft mixing gear box
Model: WZ4 870/1000
Application: Lithium battery industry
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Gearbox for wire drawing machine
Model: GLS-385
Application: Metal wire drawing industry
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Axle gearbox
Model: GFX 73/98
Application: Smart Factory
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Gearbox for CNC punch press
Model: T/ TC
Application: CNC punching machine
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