How to control the DC reduction motor in use?


How to control the DC reduction motor in use? Let's take a look:
(1) Forward and reverse
Because the structure of DC reduction motor is very different from that of DC motor. Therefore, the direction of rotation cannot be changed by changing the power supply, but only by changing the relative relationship between the stator winding magnetic potential and the rotor magnetic field.
Gear motor
(2) Huiji control
DC decelerating motor is produced and developed with digital control technology. Therefore, digital control of DC decelerating motor with microcomputer is the main control means.
(3) Speed regulation
The speed regulation of DC reduction motor can be realized by changing the voltage. There are two common methods: one is to keep the conduction time of each phase unchanged. Speed regulation is realized by changing the voltage amplitude on the coil when each phase is conducting. The other is to keep the voltage amplitude unchanged and change the duration of each phase's conducting time.