Do you know the temperature test method of DC reduction motor?


The DC reduction motor may rise in temperature when it is used. We know that if its temperature is too high, it is easy to cause damage to the machine. This requires us to control the temperature, and to control it, we need to test the temperature rise. For its test method, let's briefly understand:
1. Determination of operating temperature
The measurement of the temperature rise of the DC reducer under test is usually carried out at the same time as the measurement of the bearing capacity and transmission efficiency of the reducer, or separately. When the reducer under test meets the requirements, read its working temperature at rated speed and rated input power.
2. Determination of ambient temperature
A thermometer shall be placed 1.5m away from the surface of the DC reduction motor to be tested. The height of the measuring point of the thermometer from the ground shall be equal to the axis line of the reducer. The thermometer shall be placed free from the influence of external radiant heat and air flow. The reading of the ambient temperature value and the reading of the operating temperature value shall be conducted simultaneously.